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About eCar Movers Auto transport has become a polluted by the middleman/broker over charging customers and under paying carriers. Connecting customers and carriers removes all the lies and hassles from third parties. If Brokers are not responsible for insurance and carriers determine pick up/delivery dates, what is their job other than collecting a $150 deposit? eCarMovers was designed to clean up the industry one transport at a time.
Get Loaded eCarMovers has designed a way for carriers and customers to connect for a better auto transportation experience.
Removing auto brokers reduces not only the price but also confusion
Our research team is currently working with programmers adding technology to help carriers grow their business.
Moving at the Speed of Right Shady sales from middlemen polluted the transport industry. Customers should know that carriers are responsible for everything except taking the broker fee.
The safest and most cost efficient way to transport is connecting the carrier without brokers in the middle.
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